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Competing in the Sola Stafette, where a team of 14 runs a total of 116km is a longstanding tradition of LTNT. After having set an all-time record the previous year, we aimed to repeat the feat. On a hot day everyone had to dig deep but the months of training paid off. Although we could not quite reach the rank and time of the previous year, we finished a solid 105th out of 999 teams with a time of 9:14:39 which puts us in second place of the all-time LTNT scoreboard.

LTNT best results

  1. 2015: 9:01:37
  2. 2016: 9:14:39
  3. 2012: 9:45:56

Top: Magdalini, Tobias, Patrik, Claudio, Martin, Julian, Shyam

Bottom: Georgios, Francesco, Patrizia, Christopher, Ying, Christian, Björn

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