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The Laboratory of Thermodynamics in Emerging Technologies (LTNT) offers theoretical, numerical, and experimental topics for a semester project, Bachelor's Thesis, and Master's Thesis. The projects are related to current research activities of the Lab. There are also possibilities to perform such work in industry or at other universities abroad. Below is a list of selected open topics. These topics not only address ETH students, but all students who are interested in doing a research project at the ETH. If you are interested in a topic, please do not hesitate to contact the respective advisor.

Visit our Research page to get more information on ongoing research projects at LTNT. Students are strongly encouraged to get in touch with the doctoral and post-doctral researchers working on these projects for opportunities not yet listed as student projects on this page.

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Development of novel biomaterials for medical applications

The core of this project is the design and fabrication of micro- and nano-engineered interfaces that enhance the healing response of cells and tissues. Show details 

Icephobicity: Towards sustainable active ice repellency

Ice accumulation on surfaces exposed to the environment constitutes an important problem, affecting a plethora of fields, from building rooftops, public transportation, to industrial processes and aerospace. Show details 

Bioinspired and Sustainable Anti-wetting/icing Materials

This projects focuses on the development of environmentally sustainable, self-cleaning and icephobic materials inspired by the natural examples of the Lotus leaf and other natural surfaces. Such ingredients involve cellulose, wax, degradable polymers, natural plasticizers and water based substances. Show details 

Anti-frosting surfaces through rational materials engineering

The behavior of frost formation on unique surfaces poses opportunities to rationally design surfaces to inhibit frosting. Show details 

Bioinspired intrinsic wettability engineering for rational materials design

Depositing thin, conformal, tenacious organic coatings on pre-existing nanoengineered surfaces is of importance for studies and applications involving heat-fluid-surface interactions, i.e., energy conversion and harvesting, desalination, icephobicity, etc. Show details 

Can flexibility and compliance affect icephobic behavior?

This projects aims to gain a better understanding of the physics of freezing droplets on flexible substrates. Ultimately we want to assess whether droplets on a soft substrate can influence each other through the deformation of the soft surface. Show details 

Manipulating nanoscopic objects and bio-species in liquid

In this project, we will pursue a novel concept to control the motion of nanoscopic objects in liquid in a nanofluidic system. Show details 

Single molecules as single photon sources and their applications

In this project we will use single fluorescent molecules as sources of single photons, improve their properties and demonstrate their applications. Show details 

Plasmonic metasurfaces for manipulating light at the nano-scale and their applications

In this project we will develop novel concepts to efficiently bend and manipulate a broad spectrum of light using single-layer plasmonic metasurfaces. Show details 

How to make a surface which ice hates (Designing Icephobic Surfaces)

Surface icing is ubiquitous in nature and industrial applications. It plays a significant role in everyday life and can result in catastrophic events when not properly managed. Understanding and counteracting surface icing brings with it significant scientific challenges. Show details 

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