Interfacial and Nano-Mesoscale Transport Phenomena

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Controlled motion of heavy objects (droplets and particles) in air employing acoustic waves.

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Engineering and realizing plasmonic surfaces and nano-antennas for light management and sun-light harvesting. Exploiting nano-drip printing to fabricate novel plasmonic structures.

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Superhydrophobicity, Icephobicity and Omniphobicity

Rational, science-based design and fabrication of surface morphologies for supericephobic to omniphobic performance.

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Electrohydrodynamic nanoprinting

Electrohydrodynamic printing enables additive patterning of 3d nanostructures.

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Novel nano-fluidic systems for manipulating the motion of nano-entities

Individual handling of ultra-small objects, ranging from nanoparticles down to molecules and atoms, significantly benefits many fields such as molecular biology, chemistry, bio-physics, optics, and opto-fluidics.

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