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We perform fundamental research in the areas of interfacial transport phenomena and thermodynamics (the basic discipline of all energy applications involving heat) across scales (nano/meso to macro), including micro- and nanofluidic processes directly relevant to biology and medicine. Intimately related to this is the development and understanding of new materials and processes with advanced properties and functionalities, useful for the development of transformative technologies.

Our education activities include exciting lectures  at the bachelor and master level covering fundamental and applied aspects of thermodynamics (where we are primarily responsible for the two basic courses of our department in the 3rd and 4th semester), interfacial transport phenomena across scales (nano/meso to macro), bio-fluidics and novel energy technologies.

Bachelor and master students also participate in our research by carrying out their bachelor, semester or master thesis with us. We also collaborate with peer-institutions worldwide, in which our students may have the opportunity, upon mutual agreement, to perform their Master’s thesis and gain international experience.

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