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HYLOMORPH AG is a MedTech spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) specialized in biomaterials and their interfacing with human tissues. HYLOMORPH AG was founded in 2014 and develops a platform technology that applies to all sorts of soft tissue repair which may be impaired by foreign body reaction and fibrosis. The uniqueness of our patented technology consists in micro-engineering cellulose in a novel biotech process with a rationally designed surface architecture. Similar to Braille reading, when getting in touch with the cellulose interface, the hosting tissue is instructed by the specific surface micro-structure. We collaborate with the University Hospital Zurich and the Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin for our clinical development. HYLOMORPH AG was awarded the Venture Leaders USA 2015 prize and the Venture Kick in 2016. The mission of the start-up is to establish cutting edge technologies in the MedTech fields with high impact on social and healthcare systems, supported by strong ethics.

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Scrona develops print heads based on its proprietary NanoDrip printing, a groundbreaking ink-jet technology that achieves a printing resolution, which is up to 1000 fold finer than the width of human hair.

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